Last week's newsletter was a tough one for us to write (tears were flowing then and they are now) but we know closing our little business is the best decision for both of our families. It sure doesn't make the decision any easier but with my husband's health issues and Karen's son growing up before her eyes, our families are ready for us to have Friday nights and Saturday's free and to be able to dedicate all of our free time to them. Many don't know that we both work demanding full-time jobs in addition to Brown Box Veggies so our free time is precious, without a doubt.

After more than 4 years of support from everyone, we can't thank you enough for your twice a month orders, our Veggie Gals and Fellas who we consider family and took such great care of our customers on those Saturday mornings, and the new friends we met through our little family business. We consider ourselves truly blessed!

We'd ask that you continue supporting local farmers and local businesses as this is super important to our community and even more important to the farmers and small business owners. It's what we'll always be passionate about and hope we did our job promoting this to everyone through Brown Box Veggies.

As we say goodbye, we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy plus healthy New Year.

Keep eating fresh fruits and veggies!

Heather & Karen
Forever your veggie gals