Serving Columbia, Northeast, Irmo, and Lexington, South Carolina!
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What is brown box veggies:

We are a semimonthly (1st and 3rd Saturday) fresh fruit and vegetable service that allow families to purchase seasonal, local and even organic produce. Participating in our service is an awesome choice for families who make good nutrition an important part of their lifestyle and make time to cook healthy meals. No membership fees and no participation requirements...order when you want too.

Because brown box veggies has built close relationships with our South Carolina farmers and local distributors, our weekly goal is to fill our brown boxes with as much local produce as possible. However, we cannot provide this service year-round without going out of state through our local produce distributors on occasion. Many of our SC farmers grow produce year-round though so we try to get as much as we can from our SC farms.

Once the produce has been brown box approved it is taken back to our central location where it is sorted by hand into each brown box. From there, the boxes are loaded up and delivered to our convenient host sites, two of the Ole Timey Meat Markets, Four Oaks Farm, Pivotal Fitness, Athlete's Arena and Woodley's Garden Center, the Northeast location! Just choose which of our 6 locations is convenient for you to pick up from. The cost of the box is $27.00 and each box will contain a great mix of produce. Have each weekend begin by opening a box of nutritious produce for you and your family!



We will not have regular BBV pick-up on October 17th but are asking everyone instead to purchase an All Fruit Box ($16.50) for a needy family that's being assisted through Harvest Hope.

BBV will pack these boxes with extra hand-held fruits and also donate $2 per box that's sold from today through Friday, October 16th. Ordering is open now and will continue through noon on October 16th.

Each box purchased for donation will be delivered to Harvest Hope on Friday late afternoon but we need your help to reach our goal to donate 200 boxes. We have just 8 days to do this but we know we can all rally together to make this happen!

Click the "ORDER NOW" button above to donate.